Saturday, August 14, 2010

Praise for DisordR

Washington City Paper's Caroline Jones gave us a nice mention May 10, 2013.

AND FOR DisordR IN 2009:

"stellar double feature...Hilary Kacser as Pakrat Patty...spills her heart out about dealing with all her stuff with hilarity, poignant honesty, and realism. Hilary Kacser gets to the heart of why a lot of us live the way we do, surrounded by stuff we no longer need, will not use, and cannot find when we need to. ...Disorder covers a tremendous amount of emotional territory by breaking down aspects of hoarding, what it is, why we do it, while laying out the consequences of being filled beyond capacity, including the sudden rise of U-Store-Itt companies.
"Kacser is a gifted actress and she communicates the delicacy and intricacy of the situations with respect and caring. Watching her deal with her relationship to her stuff is a healing and cathartic experience. ...a believable ally. ...hilarious.
"... listening to Patty’s stories, and watching her metamorphosis in real time, ... is not only funny and entertaining, but can actually change our approach to our own “disorder,” one bag at a time."
-- Debbie Minter Jackson, DC Theatre Scene, July 16, 2009 (

Read even more favorable critical responses to this work:

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